noche sizing guide

Our weighted blankets and bedsheets are specially crafted for the standard Singaporean bed size. Order our products according to your bed size and you should should fit nicely! 

We've got you covered

We mean it when we say that our weighted blankets are worth the wait. Thoughtfully designed to have the Singaporean consumer in mind, made of only premium materials and with different weight and sizes so you can get the perfect night's sleep.

Sizing Chart

Weighted blankets are generally slightly smaller than normal blankets and might not cover the entire bed or hang off the edge of your bed.

Weight Chart

Weighted blankets should be about 10-12% of your body weight. If you’re unsure, start off with a lighter weight.

Things to note:

  • Only Queen size blankets are suitable to share

  • Not recommended for those with sensitive/weak joints

  • Taller than 180cm? A Queen size is recommended

  • Your body needs between 14-21 days to adjust to the blanket